What to Look before Buying a Stovetop Whistling Teakettle?

We all love to have a cup of tea to start our day. Stovetop whistling teakettle is the first thing you always need every morning. With it, you can have enough energy to make a cup of tea for your health. These kettles have great features to look for.

Do You Need Whistling Teakettles?

As compared to electric teakettles, stovetop kettles cost very less. You should always choose stovetop teakettles if you are looking for tea kettle. There is no need to find a port to plug in these kettles to work. If you have stovetop, you can use this type of kettle.

It is made of metal and it is a good conductor of heat and is very sturdy and durable. Metal kettles are used widely these days as they need instant rinse and are easy to clean. There are different stainless steel models out there. You can also use emerald models to avoid fingerprints and smudge.

Key Features to Look for


These teakettles are known for simple looks. But you may also look for features like blowing whistles when water boils. Whistle is a cover which flips over the spout. When water boils and steam goes through it, it whistles. This noise is helpful if you hate being around the stove. However, noise may be annoying enough to wake your neighbors up early in the morning.

However, some tea kettles come with smaller infuser. It can hold tea in the water and lift the water out after a specific period of time. Some kettles come with snug fit tea infuser. These are widely used by people for their simple design. You may choose compact or whimsical tea kettles.


  • Cast iron – These kettles are very long lasting and durable and they can easily retain heat. But they are heavy and may rust over time.
  • Glass kettles – These are very attractive to look. However, they are fragile. So, you should heat it eventually. Don’t heat it on open flame without metal diffuser.
  • Aluminum – It is light enough and can save energy. It is great for traveling and camping. It can also avoid scratches and stains.
  • Copper – These are the good conductor of heat and they can heat up the water evenly. However, it is prone to tarnishing.
  • Ceramic – These types of kettles are known to have thicker surface and are capable to retain water temperature for longer period. They can also get rid of scale deposits and rust.


Apart from material, also consider other features. For example, you can grab wider lids on tea kettles so it can be easy to wipe and clean.


Some kettles offer total control on the flow of water as they have gooseneck spout. It comes handy when it comes to brew coffee. Spouts are easy to refill and are wide enough.


It is yet another vital feature. Make sure handle remains cool and can resist heat properly.


Look for whistling tea kettles to remind you of boiling water. Look for larger kettle for full family or smaller one if you are alone to drink tea or coffee.

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