Importance of Child Education

For education, home is the first place where parents are the first teachers of a child. We get first education from our home especially from mother in childhood. When we turn 3 to 4 years old, we are enrolled to the school for regular, proper and sequential study where we need to give exams and pass out and move to another class. Eventually we progress and go ahead by passing classes one by one until we clear 12th standard successfully. Then, we start preparations for seeking admission to the professional or technical degree which is known as higher study. Higher study is vital for all of us to get the best job in future.

The efforts of our teachers and parents make us a well educated person in life. They are the great well wishers who are helpful to us to lead our life towards success. These days, there are many government programs implemented to enhance education system so everyone can achieve proper education. There are many advertisements appear on TV and news to keep people aware of the importance of education, especially in rural areas as many people in rural or backward areas don’t want to study due to their lack of understanding for education and their poverty.

Earlier, education system was very costly and tough and poor people cannot get higher studies after 12th. There was a lot of inequality and difference in society among individuals. People in high caste were studying very well and lower caste people were not able to study in colleges and schools. Currently, the whole theme and criteria has been changed to a great extent. There are many rules made for you and implemented by the government of India to make it accessible for education system and less expensive for all levels of people.

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